About us


«Center for Evaluation of Scientific, Educational and Social Programs» was established in 2008 as non-governmental organization (NGO) of specialists in the field of social sciences and administration. Its main aim is the preparation, assessment and support of scientific, educational and social programs, as well as research projects.

Evaluation – the science about the system research of social changes, activities concerned with the support of scientific and social programs, which are implemented by adopted criteria, sociological tools and models of assessment, with the purpose of their improvement, development or a better understanding, early detection of defects of the program and their correction, as well as to control the distribution of means and immaterial resources for the implementation of the program.


• Formation of evaluation culture in Ukraine as the democratic factor in determining the value of economic, social, cultural, scientific and educational programs and projects, which are offered by both internal and external social subjects for realization in Ukraine (in the context of this vector of the Mission the Center’s team on the 27-29th of August 2014 had organized the first in Ukraine innovative seminar “Evaluation of Educational Space”).

• Researches in the sphere of evaluation, training, development of master’s programs and consulting of research projects; support of programs and projects, in particular social programs for youth, that are implemented in Ukraine, the identification of prospects for their social significance.

• To promote the accumulation of cultural and social capital for universities, governmental, non-governmental, national and international organizations with an aim to the effective implementation of the targets set to them.

• Assessment of the competitiveness of the graduates from the Ukrainian universities on the domestic and foreign labour markets; development of proposals for the implementation of the knowledge in the social sciences, administration and practical activities.

• Support for obtaining the master’s and doctoral (PhD) degrees from foreign universities.

• Development of pilot master’s programmes in social sciences and administration; organization of studies, courses, trainings for the managers of programs and projects, scientific and practical seminars, conferences, «round tables».

• Formation of international and interdisciplinary scientific-educational and research networks in the field of socio-political sciences.

• To promote the realization of educational and management programs at the regional and local levels, in cooperation with business, educational and non-governmental organizations.

• Organization and support of the events, programs and projects, that are directed on the stimulation of the intercultural dialogue and conflict-free interethnic interaction in the Ukrainian society (in the context of this vector of the Mission the Center’s team had organized 2 seminars: in 2010 the seminar together with the Kyiv city state administration and on the 14-15 April, 2015 together with the Institute for Sociology, Psychology and Social Communications of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Scientific Ethnosociological School of Professor Volodymyr Yevtukh and the Grygoriy Skovoroda Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy State Pedagogical University the seminar “Evaluation of Scientific and Educational Programs for National Minorities” was held).

• Presentation of the experience and effective evaluation instruments in the scientific journal «Evaluation»; consulting concerning publications in European and American scientific editions.

• To promote exchanges of literature, publications and information resources with scientific-research, educational, non-governmental, consultative organizations of Ukraine and other countries.


The core values in activities of the Center: efficiency, quality, openness, professionalism, innovations, erudition, tolerance.